Mark Shuttleworth response to Ubuntu’s critics

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Published on: September 21, 2010
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Canonical’s and Mark Shuttleworth has been criticized for not contributing enough code or anything else for that matter  to the Free software world.

What does Ubuntu contribute to the word of Free Software?, according to Mark, Canonical contributed, “A total commitment to everyday users and use cases, the idea that free software should be ‘for everyone’ both economically and in ease of use, and a willingness to chase down the problems that stand between here and there,” he states, “I feel that commitment is a gift back to the people who built every one of those packages. If we can bring free software to ten times the audience, we have amplified the value of your generosity by a factor of ten, we have made every hour spent fixing an issue or making something amazing, ten times as valuable.”

It seems people are to narrow minded. If you measure contribution solely in lines of code, then yes, Ubuntu and Canonical might not contribute as much as, say, Red Hat – but is that truly the only possible way to measure contribution?

“I didn’t found Ubuntu as a vehicle for getting lots of code written, that didn’t seem to me to be what the world needed,” Shuttleworth argues, “It needed a vehicle for getting it out there, that cares about delivering the code we already have in a state of high quality and reliability. Most of the pieces of the desktop were in place and code was flowing in it just wasn’t being delivered in a way that would take it beyond the server, or to the general public.

Those who say ‘Canonical doesn’t do X’ may be right, but that misses all the things we do, which weren’t on the map beforehand,” Shuttleworth further added, “Of course, there’s little that we do exclusively, and little that we do that others couldn’t if they made that their mission, but I think the passion of the Ubuntu community, and the enthusiasm of its users, reflects the fact that there is something definitively new and distinctive about the project.”

You cannot deny that Ubuntu has spread the idea of running Linux on your consumer desktop more than any other.

  • scriptwarlock

    nasina lang na sila kay nisikat man ang ubuntu nga giba-ba ang linux hehehe..

  • stjohn

    mabawa ra nila ug sukdanan oi, ang codes raman, but somehow Mark repect them.

  • aljoriz

    Ubuntu earns money… its all about the money. If they don’t like ubuntu then uses linux mint bwahahahaha

  • cebuanos

    that’s because supposedly ubuntu shouldn’t take away standard packages for linux. they started to give way for wayland. in the end, opensource won’t matter to them

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